Steps to install the download YTB MP3 tool extension

Step 1: search for the tampermonkey extension in the chrome store (refer to the installation flow chart below).

Step 2: click Add and return to the current page after adding.

Step 3: perform installation conversion and download function (click this link to enter the installation interface).

Step 4: after the installation is completed, when you visit the video or audio of YouTube website, a download function will be added below, which can directly download the video and audio on YouTube website.

Purpose of installing and using download YTB MP3 tool extension

Perfect solution for downloading YouTube MP3. In the YouTube website, there will be more download buttons under the video and audio to realize the function of direct download on YouTube. You no longer need to convert and download YouTube MP3 audio or MP4 video in other software, so you can have your favorite YouTube materials easily and quickly.

The download YTB MP3 tool extension supports a variety of video and audio format types and provides different conversion formats and resolutions for you to choose. The format you want can meet your needs and will not occupy the memory of your device. You can enjoy this function for free for life by adding it once in the chrome store.

This extension applies to almost all web browsers. You can install it in chrome, Safari and Firefox to simplify the process of converting and downloading YouTube.

Install Download ytb MP3 Extension